Better Care of Your Feets

First, a question: Do you wash your feet? As in, while showering, do you lift them up or crouch or sit cross-legged on the shower floor and scrub them with soap? (Do not confuse these with just splashing them around.) Many people forget this basic hygienic process, which would rid them of, say, three quarters of their problems. However, you can do more.

A foot bath

The leading foot care technique you can carry out easily at home is a foot bath. All you need is a bowl, some coarse salt (or bicarbonate of soda), and perhaps a few drops of essential oil if you like. Leave them to soak for ten minutes or so, and take some time out to relax while you do so.

Moisturizing your feet

Moisturizing your feet is a fundamental part of taking care of them. If there is one place you forget to moisturize regularly, it’s your feet. And yet, they are the parts that need a lot of moisturizing. This is because our feet bear the weight of our bodies, are always enclosed in shoes, and put up with all sorts of rubbing. Therefore it’s important to take care of them by moisturizing your feet regularly. You can also carry out foot care at home. Mix 4 spoonfuls of olive oil with one spoonful of honey and lemon. This will give you foot care that is easy and cheap!

A foot scrub

There’s nothing like a good scrub for taking care of your feet. Thanks to some home-made recipes, you can carry out this foot care method in your very own bathroom. You can give yourself a foot scrub with some olive oil (or argan oil) and coarse salt. It’s an effective mixture for gentle exfoliation.

Hot Footing It

Since your feet are already bare, give them a bath. From old time everywhere have always recommended plunging your feet into a warm foot bath with Epsom or foot salts as a simple treatment for tired, ailing feet. The warm, salty water relaxes the feet, soothes away aches, softens dead skin, corns and calluses. Soaking is one of the easiest forms of foot care.

Dead and dry skin cause hot, itchy feet and contribute to the build up of corns and thick callus if left untreated. Gently slough off deposits of rough skin from the sides, heels, and soles with a pumice stone. This works well for corns and calluses, too. You should never try to shave away any sort of dead skin build-up from feet. This is a good time to trim toenails and push back cuticles.

Take a Hike

After a long day on your feet, taking a walk is probably not the most appealing idea but feet need exercise, too. One of the primary causes of foot discomfort is simply that your foot soldiers are not in shape when called into active duty. Taking a brisk walk in comfortable walking shoes several times a week will help you and your feet stay in shape. Neither will they feel so tired and sore at the end of a long day.

Foot Yoga

Simply stretching your feet throughout the day—particularly if you are on them for extended periods of time—will help to maintain good foot health. Using one hand to support your heel, grasp your toes and gently pull back until you feel the stretch in the arch area to relieve tension. If you cannot remove your shoes, make sure to move your feet around as much as possible. Lift your feet, one at a time, and flex your foot, wiggle your toes and rotate your foot from the ankle to relieve aches, tension and restore circulation. While relaxing at home you can roll a tennis ball under your foot with gentle, firm pressure while watching TV or reading a book.

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